Speed Optimizer Plugin

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  • Free & available for all WordPress users
  • Trusted by 1,000,000+ webmasters
Speed Optimizer Plugin

All You Need For a Fast WordPress Site

Complete with best-practice recommendations

Powerful Caching for Fast TTFB

Leverage the most effective technologies to boost your website speed in a few clicks. The Speed Optimizer caching options can make your site up to 20% faster than comparable plugins.

  • File-based Caching
  • Dynamic Caching SiteGround-exclusive
  • Object Caching (Memcached) SiteGround-exclusive
Powerful Caching for Fast TTFB
Frontend Optimizations

Frontend Optimizations

Keep your website HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files and fonts lightweight and optimized to give your site speed an extra boost.

  • HTML, CSS & JavaScript Minification
  • CSS & JavaScript Combination
  • Defer Render-blocking JavaScript
  • Fonts Optimization

Media Optimizations

Optimize your site media for quick loading without giving up on quality. With the Speed Optimizer image compression options, you can reduce your image size by up to 85% with no loss in quality.

  • Advanced Media Lazy Loading
  • Maximum Image Width
  • Image Compression SiteGround-exclusive
  • WebP Images SiteGround-exclusive
Media Optimizations
Environment Optimizations

Environment Optimizations

Manage your website resource usage, save bandwidth, and boost site performance with minimal effort. Add a secure connection and your visitors get an unmatched user experience.

  • Enforce HTTPS connection
  • GZIP Compression
  • WordPress Heartbeat Control
  • Scheduled Database Maintenance

Website Speed Tests

Find out just how fast your site is loading, pinpoint areas that need improvement and track your progress.

  • Test your website speed
  • Get optimization tips & tricks
  • Follow your progress
Website Speed Tests

Why Your Site Speed Matters

Speed has a direct impact on the success of your website. With the Speed Optimizer plugin you get a one-stop solution with all the best practices and features you need for an ultrafast WordPress performance.

Increase Conversion Rates

Conversion and sales are heavily influenced by website speed. For each single second of loading spared, your conversion rates increase by an average of 2%.

Improve Your SEO Rankings

Page loading time is a significant factor in how websites rank in search results in Google and other search engines. Faster websites equal higher rankings!

Offer Great User Experience

Even if your website has great design and content, slow loading time affects user engagement. Websites that load quickly increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Unlock More Speed on our Managed WordPress Hosting

Unlock More Speed on our Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Premium caching technology
  • Speed Optimizer plugin preinstalled
  • Top-notch WordPress security solutions
  • Powered by Google Cloud infrastructure
  • Free automated WordPress transfer
  • 24/7 Expert Support

Trusted by 1,000,000+ webmasters

We crafted the perfect solution for anyone who wants to speed up their website without any stress and with greater results. We are humbled and motivated by the positive feedback we receive from webmasters that use the Speed Optimizer plugin by SiteGround.




“I love that the plugin is constantly being improved upon and the support is phenomenal.”




“It’s hard to be good at hosting – is what many hosting parties I’ve worked with have proven me. Siteground nails it. The optimizer gives exactly the right amount of technical details versus ease of use.”




“It’s no wonder Siteground is recommended by so many people. I love Siteground and SG Optimiser. Great value for money. SG Optimiser is a must for SG customers. I tested my site on Google Pagespeed Insights with SG optimiser switched off and switched on. Result switched on, my Pagespeed Insight had a 41% boost.”




“This plugin is excellent. I’ve been using it for a few years and have had zero bugs/issues, and it’s helped my performance a lot.”

Stratos Nikolaidis

Stratos Nikolaidis


“I’ve been using SiteGround for quite some time now for all my websites; using the SG-Optimizer just makes life easier, since it connects everything automatically. If you’re using SiteGround, this is a must!”




“I have a bunch of websites running this plugin and have never had a problem so I can’t rate support. I’ve simply never needed support.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Speed Optimizer free?

Yes, our comprehensive solution comes completely free.

Is the Speed Optimizer plugin compatible with other hosts?

Yes, Speed Optimizer is available to all WordPress users since version 7. However, keep in mind that some of the features are only available for websites hosted on the SiteGround platform.

Is the Speed Optimizer plugin compatible with other open-source software?

No, Speed Optimizer is crafted exclusively for boosting the performance of WordPress websites.

Is it possible to use the Speed Optimizer alongside other cache and speed applications?

We don’t recommend using multiple optimization plugins because that may lead to worse results caused by duplicating functionalities.

Why does Dynamic Cache and Memcached work only for SiteGround clients?

Because the features rely on SiteGround’s specific server configurations to operate properly, we cannot commit that the Dynamic Cache and Memcached will function effectively on other hosting servers.

Powerful Caching for Fast TTFB

One of the most effective ways to enhance your website speed and performance is caching. Our team has dedicated a lot of time and effort to craft the best solutions which include:

File-based caching

Every visit to your site will be faster with the Speed Optimizer plugin option for file-based caching. Our plugin will generate a static HTML version of your website and store it in the WordPress cache directory. The cached content will be served from the local browser cache, considerably boosting your load speed.

Dynamic Caching & Object Caching (Memcached) Available on SiteGround servers only

Some of our in-house solutions for ultrafast WordPress speed are tailored specifically to our platform. Such is the case with our unique caching technology, which features the Dynamic (full-page) Caching for up to 5-times faster sites and our exclusive Memcached functionality.

Automatic or Manual Cache Purge

Speed Optimizer will automatically purge your cache in events like post modification, added comment, category deletion, plugin and theme updates and more, making new content available to your visitors much faster. If you don’t want to use our Automatic Purge option, you can always purge the cache of your website manually.

Exceptions and Fine-tuning Options

You can easily exclude specific URLs or specific post types from caching. In addition, you can improve the loading speed for logged-in users by creating a separate cache for each of their sessions. You can also set up an independent cache for different browsers easily, if you’re having problems with plugins generating mobile versions of your site or similar functionality.

Test URL Caching Status

Once you have set all features the way you wanted, you can run a quick check for a specific URL to verify whether it’s cached or not. Use it to confirm your settings or troubleshoot specific page issues.

Frontend Optimizations

Combine CSS and JavaScript

The Speed Optimizer can help you safely and efficiently reduce the requests made towards your website by combining CSS and JS files. To avoid waiting for all resources to load before your visitors see your page,even if they aren’t required initially, you can easily defer render-blocking JavaScript files.

DNS Pre-fetch

You can also use our DNS pre-fetch functionality to speed up your website when loading content from a third-party domain.

Minify CSS and Javascript

You can additionally speed up your website by minifying your CSS and JavaScript files, which removes all unnecessary characters from them.

Fonts Optimization

With Speed Optimizer you can improve the default way to load Google fonts in order to reduce the number of site requests to your site to make your site load faster. Our plugin also lets you preload the fonts that are required immediately to speed up your website performance and helps you save some precious loading time by easily disabling the emojis option as well.

Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

Improve the caching of your page by removing query strings (example.com/?w567) from static resources with a click of a button.

Media Optimizations

Advanced Media Lazy Loading

This option will load your images only when they are about to become visible to your visitors and not in the initial loading process, which saves you the execution of hundreds of unnecessary requests and speeds up page loading time.

Maximum Image Width

If your site requires uploading large images, you might want to take advantage of this functionality. By setting a maximum image width, you don’t need to resize your images prior to uploading them on your site.

Image Compression
Available on SiteGround servers only

Our plugin uses a smart algorithm for compressing images and decreasing the space they take up without losing their quality. This alone will improve your site speed greatly and will also reduce the resources used for image storage. Due to its specifics, this feature is available on SiteGround servers only.

Use WebP Images
Available on SiteGround servers only

We go above and beyond to provide the best speed practices to our clients, including the support of the WebP format. The new and efficient WebP image format is supported only if you are a SiteGround client. If you’re not a SiteGround client, ask your host if they support it to take advantage of its benefits.

Environment Optimizations

Secure Connection and Content

Running your site through a secure connection is mandatory both for improving loading speed and SEO rankings. If you’re already using an SSL certificate for your site, the Speed Optimizer gives you the option to enforce HTTPS with one click. It can also easily fix insecure content by dynamically rewriting unreliable resources to go through HTTPS and prevent errors from appearing.

GZIP Compression
Enabled by default for SiteGround clients

Compressing your website data such as HTML pages, scripts, and stylesheets, is one of the easiest ways to achieve faster sites. Our plugin can help you speed up your website by reducing the size of the data delivered to your website visitors’ browser. This is enabled by default on our servers, and is an opt-in for non-SiteGround clients.

Browser Caching
Enabled by default for SiteGround clients

You can additionally enhance your site performance with our browser caching option, enabled by default for SiteGround clients, and an opt-in for non-SiteGround users. This setting stores the static content of your site in the visitors’ browser cache longer, improving your website loading speed.

Decrease Resource Usage

The Speed Optimizer also helps you optimize your website’s resource usage. For example, you can set it up to run WordPress Heartbeat less frequently or disable it completely, saving space and boosting speed. You can also schedule database maintenance, and our plugin will clean up your database once a week to keep it efficient and tidy.

Website Speed Tests

Run a Speed Test

With the Speed Test functionality, you can easily check the current level of optimization on your website. Our performance check is powered by Google PageSpeed and provides information on the level of optimization in over 20 different areas. Additionally, you will receive tips and tricks for improvements if there are any.

Track your test results

The Speed Optimizer plugin saves your test results, so you can track your progress on optimizing website speed and easily pinpoint problems if they reoccur.