Terms of Participation 

in Get Fit Challenge 2021 

I. General 

1.1. These Terms of Participation ("Terms") govern the terms and conditions for the event "Get Fit Challenge 2021" ("Event"), which SiteGround Hosting EOOD ("SiteGround" and "Organizer") organises.

1.2. The registration for the Event starts on April 5, 2021 at 7:00 AM, EET up to April 11, 2021 at 11:59 PM, EET ("Registration Period"). The Event takes place from April 12, 2021 at 7:00 AM, EET until May 24, 2021 at 11:59 PM, EET ("Event Period"). 

1.3. The Event is organized and conducted in English language. 

1.4. The goal of the Event is to encourage the participants to get more active and healthy, feel good and do good. They can do so by doing exercises regularly, eating good food, winning cool prizes and contributing to a good cause, simply by joining the challenge.

II. Right to participation 

2.1. All persons, who have an email account at domain "siteground.com" are welcome and have the right to participate ("Participants"). 

2.2. Participation in the Event is voluntary, but only possible in accordance with these Terms. By participating in the Event, the Participant explicitly agrees and accepts to comply with these Terms. The Terms will be available for the entire Event Period at: https://siteground.com/viewtos/getfit

2.3. For every registered participant in the “Get Fit Challenge 2021”,  SiteGround will buy a t-shirt in support of the Autism Today foundation. Learn more here. Every Participant can get his/her t-shirt or choose to donate it to the Autism Today Foundation. In order to get it, all participants should have already requested it and provided their size in registration form beforehand. 

III. Conditions for participation 

3.1. The Participants in the Event may participate in 5 Get Fit Challenge categories in total:

Every Participant can sign up to compete in as many categories as they like, but only in one team per each Get Fit category. Every team can compete in more than one different categories. Separate registration is needed for each category.

3.2. In order to participate in the Event the Participant must choose a category, create or join a team of 3 people, or solo (for individual categories), sign up online within the Registration Period at the following link https://getfit.siteground.com after answering all questions in the registration form. The Participant shall agree with the Terms of the Event, and shall press the button “Submit”. When generating a team registration, the Participant who creates the registration on behalf of the team shall make sure and guarantee the Organizer that all Participants in the team are willing to participate and agree with the Terms of the Event and the Privacy Policy. When the Participant completes all steps, the Participant will receive a confirmation email for the participation in the Event. 


For Team Categories: Walk|Run, Cycling, Exercise | Workout - create or join a team (of 3 folks):

Note: All teams will have to let us know through the registration form whether they need more colleagues to join their team and if yes - how many people. We’ll do our best to find more team members to join their team soon, so their team can become complete. 

Walk | Run Category: All team members who participate in this category will have to enter the kilometres passed after each walk or run in a Google Form. They must track their results (kilometres passed) using their phone's built-in health trackers or any tracking app or device to measure their results.

Important: The app/device chosen has to be able to keep history for all the Get Fit activities for the length of the challenge. We’ll require the winning team to provide visual proofs of all workouts (kilometres passed) for all team members. The prize will be given based on the visual proofs which have to verify the results provided in the Google form beforehand. The team which has the most kilometres passed (in total) at the end of the challenge and successfully verified them will get our grand prize: a fitness bracelet for each team member.  

Cycling Category: All teammates who enjoy cycling can join the category in teams of 3 folks. All team members will have to track and enter their individual kilometres passed after each cycling day here. They’ll have to use their phone’s built-in health trackers, Strava, Cyclemeter or any tracking app or device to measure their results. 

Important: All team members must keep history for all their total kilometres passed for the duration of the whole challenge. We’ll require the winning team to provide visual proofs of all kilometres passed for the 3 team members for the duration of the challenge. The winner will be the team with the highest number of kilometres (gathered and verified collectively) and will get the grand prize: a cycling helmet for each teammate of the winning team.

Exercise | Workout Category: Any physical activity done at a level that increases the heart rate and/or challenges the muscles, counts as exercise. Might be fitness, skiing, snowboarding, yoga, pilates, swimming, and more. How to measure results: All team members will have to track and enter their individual minutes spent in active training after each day of exercising here. To measure their results, they’ll have to use their phone’s built-in health trackers, Nike, MadBarz or any tracking app or device. 

Important: All participants must keep history for the total minutes spent in active training for the duration of the whole challenge. We’ll require the winning team to provide visual proofs of the total minutes the team spent in active training. The team with the most total minutes of active training for the whole challenge wins the grand prize: fitness bracelet.


For Individual Categories: Healthy Eating and Motivator - you'll have to sign up individually at the registration form at https://getfit.siteground.com/

Healthy Eating Category: Participants in this category have to share a photo or video of their healthy meals and recipes with #SiteGroundGetFit and @SiteGroundLife in their own Instagram profile as a post. The profiles of the participants must be public, so we'll be able to see and validate their posts. We’ll draw one lucky winner among all participants in this category, who will get our grand prize: a blender. The more meals and recipes one shares, the better chances they have to win.

Motivator Category: Participants in this category have to share videos of their Walk|Run, Exercise|Workout or Cycling skills with #SiteGroundGetFit in the SiteGrounders FB group. The participant whose video gets the most likes gets our prize: an Action Camera. 

Important: Photo/Video and Post Requirements to Follow:

You can participate only with your own original photos/videos and you can post as many photos/videos as you wish. Please, be respectful and do not post inappropriate, disrespectful, or in any way offensive images, hashtags, or any content that would harm the SiteGround brand. We reserve the right to disqualify all content we deem inappropriate from the competition and we might ask you to remove the corresponding tags and SiteGround brand association from the photo and the post. Please do not send us images of other individuals than yourself with your photos/videos. 

Since the #SiteGroundGetFit challenge is organized and conducted in English, we’ll be thankful if your photo description (if any) is in English. Make sure to keep your original photos/videos and posts by the end of the Event. 

Please note that we keep the right to re-share participants’ posts with #SiteGroundGetFit tag on our Instagram @SiteGroundLife profile, and our internal company communication challenge.

3.3.  The Participants have to submit a separate registration form for each category that they want to compete in. 

3.4 Once Participants have signed up to compete, they need to start tracking their results, parameters and mechanism depend on the type of category they chose to participate in.

IV. Prize and Winner/s

4.1. All Participants in each Event category will participate in the competition for the prize per category. The Prizes are:

Team Categories

Individual Categories

The Organizer reserves the right by its own discretion to change the Terms in case of any unexpected circumstances and/or to deliver additional individual prizes if there are Participants with exclusive individual results.  

4.2. The Get Fit Challenge 2021 ends at 23:59 PM, EET on May 24, 2021. Within 10 days the Organizer will contact the winning teams and individual Participants for visual proof of their results in order to verify their achievements based on the categories they participated in. Participants will have 3 days to provide visual proofs of their achievements, starting by the date SiteGround contacts them. Once SiteGround verifies the results, we’ll announce the winners in all 5 categories in our internal communication channels #getfit channel on Slack and/or in an internal newsletter in the time slot from 09:00 AM to 17:59 PM, ЕЕТ on a date not later than June 3, 2021 at 17:59 PM, EET.

Important: The winning teams must verify the results for each team member with a visual proof/screenshot of the total team achievements for all trainings during the challenge in order to get the grand prize. If the team cannot verify its results, we’ll need to nominate the team after it for a winning one and validate its results. We’ll get in touch with the winners to verify the addresses for the sending of the prizes. 

4.3. There is no substitution of a winning prize with its cash equivalent or another prize. The right to receive a winning prize cannot be transferred to third parties. 

In case the winner of the prize does not respond to the email, where the Organizer informs him/her about the win, and does not provide the Organizer with his/her delivery address and contact phone number in 3 days after the announcement of the winners, the Participant loses the right to receive the prize.  

All participants are welcome to join our #getfit channel on Slack for the latest updates on the challenge or to get in touch with us if they have any questions.

V. Liability

5.1. The Organizer is not responsible if the Participant has provided incorrect details (first and last name and email address), so the Organizer could not reward the Participant.

5.2. The Organizer has the right to terminate the Event and to modify the Terms at any time by declaring this in an appropriate manner. In these cases, the Organizer does not owe compensation to the Participants.

5.3. All Participants take on their own responsibility all costs incurred or likely to arise due to their participation in the Event.

5.4. Participants who do not comply with the Terms will be disqualified without further notice, losing the right to win a prize if they were entitled to such prize. 

5.5. The prize winner shall follow any applicable requirements of their domicile tax jurisdiction, incl. but not limited to: declaring the prize won before tax authorities (if needed) and payment of due taxes (if any).

VI. Personal data

The data required to participate in the Event will be processed according to the Terms of the Event and the Event Privacy Notice

VII. Applicable law

The Event is governed by the laws of Bulgaria and any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Event as well as the Terms of participation, including disputes arising out of or relating to their interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination shall be settled by the competent court in Sofia, Bulgaria. Any claims or objections of Participants or third parties involved in this Event should be submitted to the Organizer SiteGround Hosting EOOD.

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