Zikula Themes

In order to change your Zikula theme, please, follow the step-by-step guide below.

How to change Zikula Themes (Templates)?

Please, follow the instructions below in order to change the theme of your Zikula installation.

Step 1 Download the theme and unpack it on your local hard drive.

Step 2 Upload the extracted folder to the themes folder on your site. Please follow the upload instructions listed in the File Manager tutorial.

Step 3 Login as Administrator.

Step 4 Then go to the Administration Panel and click Layout->Theme.

Step 5 Click on the Regenerate themes list link to update the list with the newly uploaded themes.

Step 6 Check the Themes list and pick the new default theme for your web site.

Step 7 The theme will become active immediately.

Well done! You have successfully set a new Zikula theme on your website!

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