Preview and Publish

SiteGround no longer provides the Zen Website Builder software as part of the standard hosting package. The alternative solution we provide for our customers is the Website Wizard. Please feel free to check our new Website Wizard Tutorial.

It is now time to preview your design! Click the Preview button at the top right of the Site Editor's window, and a new one will pop up. It will be showing your website the way it will look on the web.

Want to go live now? When you select the Publish button, the SiteBuilder will start the procedure for linking your pages to the web. A page similar to the one below will show you the address that needs to be typed in the address bar of your browser for your pages to be shown.

Please select Next to proceed. You will be redirected to a new page, that will resemble the one below.

If you see this page then the publishing process has been successful - this means that the next time anyone types in your domain name, he will see the website you have just designed!

If you click Next you will see the Control Panel of your new website. You will be able to re-edit, delete or unpublish your site. Click on your website and you will be able to edit your site:

If you click on the "Unpublish" option your site will be unlinked from the web. If you click "Delete" all the design files for your site will be deleted.