Edit Website Menu

SiteGround no longer provides the Zen Website Builder software as part of the standard hosting package. The alternative solution we provide for our customers is the Website Wizard. Please feel free to check our new Website Wizard Tutorial.

If you are not satisfied with the page names, you can edit them as well! The navigation links in the website will automatically be changed accordingly, so you do not need to update anything by hand! Simply select the page name that you want changed...

... and type in the new one in the space, provided above the site structure. You can click the Submit button, or use the Enter key on your keyboard. The changes usually take a moment to be applied!

If you look at the navigation band, you will be able to see that the link to the renamed page has changed as well.

In case you decide to change the name of the page again, this will again be automatically reflected in the menu.

Now we can make some menu changes. For example, the photo folder can be moved in front of the contact information page. To do that, first we select the My Photos folder from the Tree List on the left:

Once the content of the folder is displayed, click on the name again and hold down the left mouse button, while dragging the folder to its new location. You can drag the folder below the name of the page that will precede it - let's say this is the My Journal one. The changes are obvious:

If you would like the site to open a page other than the home one at first, you need to change the default page in the top folder. First, select the name of the page that you would like to have as a default.

Then, click on the Default button, that is above the Tree List. When the default page is changed, the green "tick" sign will appear next to the new default page, like on the picture below:

With the current setup, My Journal will be the first page to open when your site is being sought.