Images and Links

SiteGround no longer provides the Zen Website Builder software as part of the standard hosting package. The alternative solution we provide for our customers is the Website Wizard. Please feel free to check our new Website Wizard Tutorial.

The images within the rest of the page can be changed too. The next two steps show how a picture is removed from the main paragraph. First, you need to select the image: its border will change, as well as the shape of the mouse pointer:

Right now you can move or resize the picture, or delete it from the page by simply pressing the Delete button on you keyboard. The image is gone, and we can now do some more editing (for example shifting the paragraph title to the left - just like in any word processor).

If you want to have links to other pages, that can also be easily done with our SiteBuilder. First, you need to select text, or another object, as shown below, and click on the Edit/Create link button in the Toolbar:

When you select the button, a new window will open. From there, you can select different options for your link: it could point to one of your own web pages or to another website, or become an email link, etc. If you select the option of linking to an external website, please type in the address of this website in the space provided. Click Display Site to the right, and the site will appear in the preview box.

To complete the link creation, please click OK at the top right.