Edit Text and Logo

SiteGround no longer provides the Zen Website Builder software as part of the standard hosting package. The alternative solution we provide for our customers is the Website Wizard. Please feel free to check our new Website Wizard Tutorial.

Now you find yourself in the Site Editor - the place where you will work on customizing your website through entering the information and images you want to share on the web!

Note: please wait while all the elements of the editor (buttons, page elements, etc.) appear properly on your screen. This may take some time depending on your Internet connection. Please, note that if you takeany action while the page is still loading, this may lead to errors and loss of information.

The first thing to know is how to change the text that is available on the template. Most of the text that appears as a default content is in Latin and is used as a sample for the template layout. You can remove all of the sample text and change it with your own.

The text is edited and formatted the same way as in every word processor available. Just place the cursor in the desired position and type new text, or select portions of the text to edit, delete and format. Below you can see that a paragraph title is selected.

You can easily remove that text by selecting it and pressing the Delete key on your keyboard. Once you are done with that you can put your own text, and apply the formatting that you think is appropriate. The example below shows how the paragraph title we marked above has been replaced by another sample title. The rest of the text is edited in a similar way.

Let's now change "Company name" in the heading to the name you desire. First, we select the text, ...

...type a new name, and there we go! Now your new name is at the top!

Want to put your very own logo above the name? Easy as 1-2-3! Doubleclick on the logo spot, and a new window will open, that would allow you to upload the new image. Click the Browse button, and you will be able to select a file from your local computer. The SiteBuilder will scale down bigger images, but please, keep in mind that the bigger the picture, the longer it will take for it to be converted and displayed.

Once you are done, select Open next to the file name, and a preview of the image will appear.

Next step is to click OK at the top right, and voilla - there's your new logo at the top of the page!