SiteBuilder Video Tutorial

SiteGround no longer provides the Zen Website Builder software as part of the standard hosting package. The alternative solution we provide for our customers is the Website Wizard. Please feel free to check our new Website Wizard Tutorial.

SiteBuilder Video Tutorial

Welcome to the SiteGround SiteBuilder Video Tutorial. Below you will find some of the most popular topics for dealing with the SiteBuilder.

  • Creating a Site - Create a site by choosing a template and selecting a color scheme.
  • Editing Text - How to edit text in your site.
  • Working with Images - Uploading and managing images.
  • Creating Pages - Create pages from the library of 'pre-fab' pages in a variety of layouts.
  • Pages and Menus - See how pages are automatically included in the menus.
  • Creating Hyperlinks - Create hyperlinks by pointing at the page you wish to link to. See how hyperlinks are also used for maps, shopping carts and more.
  • Changing Layout - Change the layout of a page by moving, resizing and stylizing the various text and picture boxes that make up a web page.
  • Creating Boxes - Create new boxes and see how to place them in the headers.
  • Creating Tables - Create tables of various sizes.
  • Editing Tables - Edit a table once it is created.
  • Photo Albums - Create a photo album with an unlimited number of pictures and a built in slide show.

SiteBuilder PRO Video Tutorial

The topics below are aplicable for SiteBuilder Pro edition only.

  • Page Masters - Make global changes to your site with page masters.
  • Style Sheets - Make global changes to the text styles, colors, backgrounds and spacing metrics of your site.
  • Color Palettes - Make global color changes to your site. See how everything (including graphics) changes as you adjust the colors using color controls inspired by Adobe Photoshop.
  • Menu Styles - Stylize menus by pointing and clicking.