How to configure VaultPress to make backups via SSH

Configure VaultPress to connect via SSH for backup creation

VaultPress is a WordPress plugin, which provides real-time backup and security scanning service designed and built by Automattic. VaultPress offers two backups options: real time backups and daily backups. By default backups are configured to work through HTTP/HTTPS if no additional configuration is performed from VaultPress Dashboard, which might cause CPU Time Usage or Account Executions limits on our shared server to be approached or hit when it comes to big sites with a lot of files or big databases.

Configuring VaultPress to work over SSH is not only the most robust and secure method but it also allows you to reduce the CPU consumption and executions.

Configure VaultPress to Work via SSH

Please follow the below steps on how to configure VaultPress to make backups via SSH.

  1. First, login to your VaultPress Dashboard
  2. Select your site and click on the Settings button
  3. Select SSH, which is one of the recommended settings

Selecting “SSH” will expand the VaultPress SSH configuration settings:

Populate the following settings into the form:

  • Server Address: your domain name or Server Hostname
  • Port Number: 18765 (SSH port number used at SiteGround)
  • Username: your cPanel username (available in SiteGround User Area -> My Accounts -> Information & Settings -> “cPanel Username” field)
  • Password: leave blank (when using SSH key auth for connecting password is not needed)

Go to your cPanel -> SSH/Shell Access icon and paste the VaultPress public key in Upload SSH key section as shown below:

Clicking the “Upload” button will add the public key to your server’s .ssh/authorized_keys file as requested by VaultPress.

Click on “Save” button at VaultPress Dashboard will be enough to complete the SSH setup:

This is all - now your VaultPress is configured to use SSH for its backup and security scanning services.

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