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WordPress admin dashboard with SiteGround Central

WordPress admin dashboard with SiteGround Central

We have made the administration of your WordPress easier by replacing the default WordPress dashboard with a simple page that allows for you, the site administrator, to quickly navigate to the most common content editing pages or to the settings of any installed plugin.

The top section of the Dashboard contains quick links to the most common places you will visit during the development of your website.

  • View Site – this button will take you to the website’s front end, so you can quickly see how your website looks to your visitors;
  • Manage Pages – with this button you can go to the Pages editor in WordPress, which allows you to edit the different pages of your website, so you can set them up exactly to your liking;
  • Change Theme – use this to easily access the Appearance section of the wp-admin panel.

Below those general quick access links we have placed a section that allows you to easily go to each of your plugins’ settings and configuration panels.

Below that section you can find links to our WordPress resources that will help you to quickly get to know the application better. You will learn how to create the different elements of your website and edit them, how to optimize your website’s performance and SEO, how to tackle the most common problems WordPress users experience and much more.

WordPress is constantly evolving and its community is growing stronger with each day. So we have made it easier to track all WordPress related events and news directly from your dashboard. The WordPress events and news section in the dashboard will show you any upcoming events and the most recent news that you may find interesting in the WordPress ecosystem.

You can use the Meetups, Wordcamps and News buttons to quickly access the official pages for those parts of the WordPress world.

You can always revert to the default WordPress dashboard if it is more to your liking by using the switch to default link at the bottom of the page:

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