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BuddyPress WordPress Plugin Tutorial

BuddyPress WordPress Plugin Tutorial

BuddyPress Features

The BuddyPress plugin provides a large variety of features for your WordPress website. It is free, open source and completely customizable. The main function of BuddyPress is to greatly enhance the capability of WordPress in building a community website. It will give your website members the ability to create groups and invite their friends, check activity feeds, create discussion boards and much more. Full list of features can be found on the BuddyPress official website.

BuddyPress Installation

The BuddyPress plugin initial installation does not differ in any way from a standard WordPress plugin installation. Once you have installed and enabled it for your WordPress website you could access its settings from Settings > BuddyPress.

BuddyPress Initial Setup

You will see a list of all the BuddyPress components installed by default with a short explanation for each one. Enable the ones that you want to use on your website and disable the rest. Once ready, click Save Changes.

Next, click the Options tab. There you can find additional settings for the plugin. Enable the options you want and disable the rest. Once ready press Save Settings.

That’s it! All the components that you have enabled are working properly and could be used by all of your website’s members.

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