Managing SSH/Shell Access

Depending on the custom package(s) you have created and used for your accounts, some of your users will have Shell access enabled while others will have it disabled.

In this tutorial we will show you how to manage Shell access (SSH) for the hosting accounts on your server so that you can enable/disable it for each account.

Let's start with instructions on how to enable SSH.

Log in to your WHM and click Modify an Account in the Account Functions section.

Select the account for which you want to enable SSH and click Modify. Check the option for Shell Access and click Save:

You will see a confirmation and the value for Shell will be changed to /bin/bash.

From now on the user for whom SSH has been enabled will be able to manage it from cPanel > SSH/Shell Access, located in the Security section:

An important thing to remember is that the SSH Connection Window option should be enabled in the Feature List the account uses, otherwise the SSH/Shell Access icon will not show up in cPanel.

From the SSH/Shell Access section the account owner will be able to generate, import and manage SSH keys which are used for SSH authentication.

Note that password authentication is not allowed for security reasons and the SSH port is 18765.

More information on how to connect and use the SSH service can be found in our SSH tutorial and in the knowledgebase article on how to enable SSH.

If you want to disable SSH for a particular account, go to Modify an Account in WHM, select the account and click Modify.

Uncheck the option for Shell Access and click Save - the value for Shell will be changed to noshell.