Website Performance Tutorial

How to Improve the Performance of Your Website

With the advance of technology, the price for extra CPU, Memory and Network bandwidth units has become negligible. Thus it has become affordable for most hosting providers to maintain very fast and powerful servers. While the above is true in most cases, some hosts such as SiteGround have gone beyond the industry standards. We are proud to announce that the load on our servers is kept much below the server's capacity. This allows us to support almost every kind of site - from small personal sites to corporative business portals, from simple PHP scripts to huge forums. Though no matter which your host is and how fast and optimized its servers are, your site may still load slowly. There are many factors, which affect negatively the site performance such as:

Very often it takes just a few steps to make your site load much faster. This could involve enabling cache, removing heavy modules or something else. There are plenty of articles on the net available for just about any web application.

According to the application you use, find the correct link below: