Website Setup Guide for Affiliates
Migrating a Website

Migrating a Website

When you log in for the first time in your Client Area, on the Home page you will see Set Up Site button:

After clicking on it you will be able to choose whether you want to start a new site or migrate an existing one. Click Select under Migrate Website:

There are two options for site migration. For WordPress sites you can use our free automated Migrator.  Alternatively,  you can have any type of site manually transferred by our professionals.

Migrating a site with WordPress Migrator

Once you have selected to migrate a site, choose the WordPress Automigration option and click Continue:

Next, choose what additional services you wish to add:

  • The Site Scanner is a great tool that monitors your site for malicious code and immediately notifies you.
  • Domain Privacy is also highly recommended as it hides all your personal information from public lists.

Select your preferences and click Pay Now (or Finish if you don’t want to add additional services).

Next, you’ll get a confirmation screen that the slot for you site has been successfully created in our system. Now you can start the WordPress migration with the plugin and the token we provide on this page.

To start the migration, you need to log in to your current WordPress and install our migration plugin. To do so, go to Plugins, click Add New:

In the search box, type SiteGround Migrator and click Install or upload it if you have the plugin downloaded already.

After you’ve installed the plugin, click on Activate, paste the token in the plugin and click Initiate Transfer to start the migration:

Once the transfer is finished, you will receive instructions on how to complete the transfer both on the confirmation screen and via email. We create a temporary URL for each transferred site that can be used for 48 hours to check how the site looks and functions in the new location. If everything looks OK on the temporary link, we recommend switching the DNS settings of the domain to point to your SiteGround account. The new DNS settings will be displayed in the plugin and in the email, we’ll send you.

Of course, if you are transferring your site to a domain that is already pointing to SiteGround, you do not need to make changes to the DNS settings after the transfer.

Professional Migration

If you would like to have your site transferred by our experts, you need to choose the Professional Migration option and fill in all the required information. This will automatically post a ticket for transferring your site.

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