Website Setup Guide for Affiliates
Adding Collaborators

Adding Collaborators

On all plans, clients now have the option to easily provide access to their website to a designer or a developer. The latter will get their own SiteGround account with access to Site Tools only, so they can make desired changes to your site. You, as the client, remain the owner with full rights and access to the account and its billing.

Only your default SiteGround user account can manage your billing related actions in the account. Any other users created can not manage billing – the creation of additional accounts with access to sensitive billing data or the authority to make decisions regarding service management, including the cancellation or renewal of services, is not allowed.

If you wish to grant collaborator rights to someone to your site, go to your Client Area, click on your profile icon and select Manage Users.

Then, click on the Add New User button.

and a pop-up window will appear where you can select the collaborator option.

Choose the site to which the developer will have access and fill in their details and click Add.

An email invitation will be sent to the new user and you will see them appear in the Manage Users section.

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