Web Hosting Tutorial
Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

Web Hosting Guide for Beginners

Why do I need a web hosting service?

To have your website available in the World Wide Web, you would need to have a place where to host it. This place is provided by the web hosting provider. The web hosting as a service incorporates the space where your website files are stored, the traffic to your website, and lots of extra services such as firewalls, technical assistance, email services, FTP access, domain name registration, website building tools and more.

What is a domain name and how do I get one?

The domain name is the unique name of your site, with which your visitors will find your page, e.g. google.com and yahoo.com are domain names. Click here to learn about the domain names we offer.

How do I start building my website?

SiteGround web hosting services are specially designed to provide you with an All-Inclusive web solution. In addition to the web hosting services, we get you the easiest tools which will help you start your own website – be it a personal or family page with photos, a presentation of your company, a website for your online community, or even an online store. Once you sign up for a hosting account, you get full access to any of the tools described above and you can start building your web pages within minutes!

Can I host an online shop with SiteGround?

Yes, you can! SiteGround provides excellent e-commerce hosting services. You can use a free shopping cart application, such or PrestaShop, use any of the popular merchant account providers, such as PayPal or 2CheckOut, use a shared SSL certificate to secure your transactions, and consult our tutorials for detailed assistance in managing your web stores.

Why should I choose SiteGround web hosting?

We are well-known for offering the best customer support and the most secure and reliable server technologies in the hosting market. You can:

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