SiteGround Video Tutorials

SiteGround Web Hosting has prepared an extensive video tutorials section with over 200 movies that will help you manage your hosting account and website easier. For your convenience we have separated the video tutorials into categories. You can simply sit back and learn how to manage your control panel, email, website application, etc. with no hassle.

Application Tutorials

Drupal Video Tutorials

In the Drupal Video Tutorial set you will find how to install Drupal, change Drupal themes, manage modules, create menus, change passwords, etc. If you need hosting for your Drupal website, check our exclusive Drupal hosting package.

Gallery Video Tutorials

With the Gallery Video Tutorials you will learn how to install Gallery 2 on your website, create Gallery photo album and manage it, add and edit photos and more. If you need a reliable hosting for your Gallery website, check our Gallery hosting offer.

Joomla Video Tutorials

The Joomla Video Tutorials will help you learn how to install Joomla, how to add modules and change Joomla templates, add section and edit pages and more. Learn more about our All-Inclusive Joomla hosting package.

Magento Video Tutorials

In the Magento Video Tutorial set you will find how to install Magento, add and manage products and categories, manage modules, configure payments, change passwords, etc. If you need a reliable hosting for your Magento websites, please check our Magento Hosting package.

OsCommerce Video Tutorials

With these tutorials you will learn how to create an online shop, manage customers, products and taxes. SiteGround is a preferred osCommerce host.

phpBB3 Video Tutorials

Check our phpBB3 Video Tutorials and create a forum website with no hassle. Learn how to install phpBB3, manage users and styles, restore databases and a lot more. SiteGround will provide you with a reliable phpBB hosting services.

Wordpress Video Tutorials

The Wordpress Video Tutorials will guide you through the Wordpress installation process and help you manage pages, users, install Wordpress plugins and change Wordpress themes. Check out our All-Inclusive Wordpress hosting package!

Miscellaneous Tutorials

DNS Video Tutorials

The DNS Video Tutorials will help you change the DNS settings of your domain name using the control panels of the most common Domain Registrars -,,, etc. To learn the DNS settings for your SiteGround web hosting account, visit the How to point my existing domain name to SiteGround? tutorial.

Email Video Tutorials

These tutorials will guide you through the process of setting up an email account with Outlook and Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora 7 and other popular email applications.

FTP Video Tutorials

The FTP Video Tutorials set will help you to configure, manage and upload files through few of the most popular FTP clients - CuteFTP, FileZilla, SmartFTP, LeapFTP and more. SiteGround will provide you with All-Inclusive FTP Hosting Package with great features and secure servers.

Web Hosting Tutorials

cPanel x3 Video Tutorials

The cPanel Video Tutorial will guide you through the process of managing your web hosting account with the help of cPanel - create and manage email accounts, upload files through the File Manager, create subdomains and set redirects, use Fantastico autoinstaller, manage databases and a lot more.

Fantastico Video Tutorials

The Fantastico Video Tutorial will show you how to install commonly used applications like - Joomla, Mambo, phpBB, Gallery, Wordress, Drupal and many other with few mouse clicks. SiteGround will provide you with a suitable web hosting package and Fantastico autoinstaller.

phpMyAdmin Video Tutorials

This tutorial will show you how to manage a database using phpMyAdmin from cPanel - import, export and rename a database, create and delete tables and a lot more.

Webmail Tutorials

Horde Video Tutorials

The Horde Video Tutorials set will show you the basics of using Horde webmail application. With it you will learn how to open and write an email, import and export contacts, create calendars, configure options and a lot more.

RoundCube Video Tutorials

Check the RoundCube Video Tutorials to learn how to check your email, create folders, mark folders, search for messages and a lot through webmail.

SquirrelMail Video Tutorials

Thanks to this tutorial set you will be able to use Squirrelmail to check and manage your email account through webmail.