Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

Learn how to start using two-factor login

Securing your account with two-factor login is a quick and straightforward process which improves your protection against hacking and identity theft. This tutorial covers the steps necessary to enable it for your User Area.

Locating two-factor login in your User Area

You can enable two-factor login by visiting the My Details section in your SiteGround User Area. The button to enable it is located under the Login Details category:

Enable two-factor login & start generating codes

There are several steps you need to follow before you successfully enable two-factor authentication for your account. At any point in the process you can go back to a previous step if you need to check or verify the information you have provided.

Download authenticator app to your smartphone

SiteGround uses the Time-based One-time Password protocol to operate two-factor login. In order to use it with your account, you need an app that supports this protocol. There is a compatible application for every major smartphone platform, some of the most popular include:

Just download and install the app of your choice to your smartphone. This will allow you to start generating one-time passwords for your SiteGround account.

Once you are ready, click the Next Step button to proceed.

Add SiteGround account

On this step you will see a unique Barcode (also called a QR code) and Secret generated for your account:

Open the application you downloaded on your smartphone on the previous step and select the option to add a new account.

Select the Scan barcode option on your phone and use the camera to scan the code provided in your SiteGround user area (screenshots provided are from Google Authenticator for iOS, but options should be similar for every app/platform).

If you cannot use your camera to scan the QR code, you can add your account manually with the Manual Entry option. Write down a name for your account and enter the Secret provided next to the QR code in your SiteGround account. If using Google Authenticator when manually adding an account, choose time-based password rather than counter-based.

Once ready, click the Next Step button to proceed.

Confirm successful activation

Once you successfully added your SiteGround account to the authenticator app that you prefer to use, you will see a code which changes every 30 seconds:

Enter this code in the Enter Security Code: text field and click the Confirm button. Please note that once you complete this step, two-factor login is active and you will need to provide the code from the authenticator app whenever you try to login.

Setup backup options to disable two-factor authentication

Verifying a mobile phone

Adding a verified phone is a backup option that allows you to disable two-factor login in case you lose access to your authenticator app (or primary phone). You can skip this step but we highly recommend that you use it as it will allow you to quickly recover your account in case you don’t have access to the codes.

You can use your primary phone (the one with the authenticator app on it) or another number (for example that of a close relative) to use in case you lose your phone.

Enter a phone number including the country code (e.g. +1-123-123456) and press the Send button. Depending on your phone service provider it may take up to several minutes for the message to arrive. Enter the code from the message in the field provided and press Confirm.

Write down backup code

The last step in the process asks you to write down and store securely a backup code which you can use as an emergency option to disable two-factor login in case you completely lose access to your authenticator app/phone.

Make sure to store this code in a place where you will not lose it: if you don’t have access to your authenticator app and/or do not have a verified phone number, this code will save you from locking yourself out of your account!