Configuring and DIsabling Two-Factor Authentication

Learn how to change the options for the two-factor login

Once you enable two-factor login you can revisit the interface under My Details in your User Area in order to configure the different options or disable this function altogether.

Reviewing and configuring two-factor authentication

After enabling two-factor authentication you can review and change settings by going to My Details and pressing the Configure button under Login Details: Two-factor Login:

On the new page that opens you can click on any of the tabs to configure the particular option. You can:

  • View QR code and secret and add your SiteGround account to another device
  • View and change the verified phone number
  • View your backup code

Enabling two-factor authentication on multiple devices

If multiple people access your SiteGround User Area all of them would need to add SiteGround to their authenticator apps. To add more devices, click the Add Extra Device tab and scan the QR code or add the account manually using the Secret. When adding the account on additional devices you don’t need to confirm by entering the code on the next step since two-factor login has already been enabled for your account.

Disabling two-factor authentication

To disable the two-factor authentication, first go to the My Details section in your User Area. Then click the red Disable button in the line.

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to have the two-factor service disabled. Click OK to confirm.

Two-factor authentication will be disabled. You will be able to access your account only with your regular SiteGround username and password.