The Reseller's Guide To The New Client Interfaces
Manage Your Existing Hosting Plans

Manage Your Existing Hosting Plans

Your existing hosting plan are listed under Services > Hosting. You can renew, cancel, and even upgrade a plan from the Manage section of each SiteGround plan.

Site Tools replaces cPanel

The big change you will notice is the missing cPanel button next to your plans. Instead, go to the Websites list. Each of your existing plans now has a site listed in the Websites section and every site has Site Tools with all the same functionality available with cPanel. If you happen to have plans that are not yet migrated to the new interface, you will see a cPanel button next to their sites.

In Site Tools, you will find a File Manager, FTP Manager, Application installer, MySQL manager and PHPMyAdmin, email and domain managers, and more.

Manage the clients associated with your accounts

Until recently, you were most likely giving your own cPanel credentials to your clients so they could access cPanel. That way, your clients were logging into a white-label cPanel of the accounts you manage for them. Now, your clients can log into a white-label interface of the Site Tools instead.

We have automatically created a user for every site in every existing StartUp plan you have. That user is identified with the same login credentials (username and password) they used for cPanel.

You can delete these users and create new ones from the same section.

Reseller’s clients log into Site Tools

Your clients can now log into Site Tools using the same login credentials they used for cPanel (username and password) and even use the same URL. Only this time, they will be redirected to the white-label Site Tools interface.

White-label help content for your clients in Site Tools

In case your clients have questions on how to perform different tasks in Site Tools, you may refer them to the pinned (and white-label) help articles that are accessible on every page of the Site Tools.

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