The Reseller's Guide To The New Client Interfaces
Add New StartUp Hosting Plan

Add New StartUp Hosting Plan

The process of adding a new hosting plan and giving a site to a client involves 3 steps.

1. Get a new StartUp plan
You will no longer be able to purchase reseller credits, but can take advantage of fixed reseller discounts for new plan orders and renewals. If you have outstanding credits, you will be able to use them for new StartUp hosting plan purchases and StartUp renewals.

2. Create a new site in your new StartUp plan
Once you have activated a new StartUp plan, you need to create a site in that plan.

3. Add a user to the new site
Once the site is ready, go to Websites > All Site Options next to the site you created and then go to the tab labelled Users.

Click the Add Users button and select the role “Client”. Then fill in the email and the name of your client. Once the user is created, it gets automatically associated to the site. You can now send your client their login credentials:

Login URL: mysitearea.com
User: their email
Pass: they will be asked to reset the password upon login (and will be able to update their password from the Site Tools interface).

Upon logging into their Site Tools, your client will see a white-label area with useful pinned articles that make no reference to SiteGround.

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