.tel domains Introduction

What are .tel domains?

.tel is a new top-level domain which provides a revolutionary way to communicate.

A .tel domain owner can store, publish and manage all the contact information and keywords directly in the Domain Name System (DNS).

Through a .tel domain your published details will be globally accessible via all browsers and devices with Internet access.

.tel domains are a perfect solution for business and individual users.

Simple, fast and accessible from every device, .tel provides a new Internet standard to take full control over how and where people reach you.

Registrations of this domain extension are treated on a first come first serve basis, so we would encourage those who are serious about protecting their brand to secure their .tel domain as soon as possible.

.tel domains advantages

The main .tel domain advantages are:

Easy to use – You do not need any web-design and programming skills.

You can store, publish and update online all your contact information and keywords under your unique .tel domain name without the need of a website.

The functionality can be used within an existing website. Instead of a contact page, link to your .tel domain and take advantage of the real-time changes and easy updates that .tel provides.

Control your communications hub - A .tel domain allows you to create a fully interactive and live communications hub to take control over the way the customers communicate with you.

Using YourCompany.tel, you can easily publish all your means of communication, for example:

Phone, mobile, fax, premium numbers, social network profiles, VoIP and email addresses.

You can also store web links, geo-location data and keywords describing your business.

Join the only real-time, global directory - A .tel domain offers you an entry into the first global directory, allowing you to own and control all your contact information and update it in real-time.

By contrast to the existing directory services that are highly fragmented and very expensive, the .tel functionality provides worldwide coverage, full control and real-time updating for only a fraction of the cost.

Effectively route customers to appropriate departments and locations - Your .tel domain allows you to route customers to a department or a location of their choice using a quick and intuitive navigation structure based on the DNS technology.

Increase online discoverability - A .tel domain increases your business’s discoverability online by allowing you to publish multi-lingual keywords for each department and location.

These keywords are indexed by leading search engines, which improves your online visibility.Search Engine Optimization - .tel listings are optimized for search engines like Google and Yahoo Search.

Connect with your customers from any device - Your .tel domain makes your business or brand instantly accessible from every device connected to the Internet.

Your customers simply type  YourCompany.tel in a browser, select a method of contact and click to initiate a communication session.Gain an effective mobile presence - .tel domains are optimized for mobile devices since they use small and fast DNS lookups rather than pulling traditional website and HTML content.

In this way you are quickly and easily found on all mobile devices.Live update anytime, anywhere - YourCompany.tel may be easily updated in real time from every device connected to the Internet through a user-friendly interface.

Incorporate premium numbers for voting and betting services - A business could use their .tel domains to easily set up, integrate and manage time-sensitive tasks such as a SMS voting. For example, you can provide a voting functionality for a favorite TV reality show or a celebrity with a single-click functionality.

To view a live demonstration of this feature, visit My-Idol.tel.

Generate advertising and sales revenue under generic domain names - A business could also use the .tel domains for services that are based on generic names:

hotels.tel, plumber.tel, insurance.tel, locksmith.tel, etc. Each .tel domain can easily have multiple sub-domains for navigation to local providers or specialists.

To view a live demonstration of this feature, visit Hotels.tel.

Drive traffic to E-commerce storefronts - A business can use the .tel domains to offer store-front services and collect micro-payments for downloads, products or services.

For example:

a celebrity fan club site can provide news, chats, or downloadable mobile content such as MP3s and ringtones.

To view a live demonstration of this feature, visit Celebrity.tel.

What to avoid

You have the opportunity to publish a lot of personal details through your .tel domain.

Thus it is wise to consider which of the details should be publicly available and which of them should be available only to a defined group of friends.

You should avoid publishing your date of birth, home address, social security number, bank details or other financial indicators about yourself in your keywords.

Never put personal information about other people you know without seeking their permission. Avoid putting the names and the locations of places you frequently visit, such as clubs, restaurants, bars, gyms, etc.