Once you log in your .tel domain management panel you will see the Dashboard:


This is the main control panel for your .tel domain. Here you can enter all the details associated with it including the contact information, text, keywords and a location. The Dashboard is divided into several distinct parts.


Under the Profile section you can alter your current account profile, set a new one, activate, rename or delete it.

Based on this functionality you can define which contact information to be displayed. The information is public or private. Only those with an access to the private information will be able to see it. You can pick a selection of the contact information which will be visible depending on the activity or the time of the day. For example, if you have an office telephone number, a mobile phone number and a private one at home, you will probably not use all of them at the same time! A Profile allows you to easily change the preferred contact information.

NB:  You are not allowed to delete an active profile nor the default one. In order to delete any profile, it must be inactive. To delete the active Profile, select another one from the drop-down menu, switch to it and click Activate. Then pick the Profile you wish to delete and click on Delete.

NB: If you want to display your contact information it has to be associated with at least one Profile. Additionally, each Profile must have at least one public contact item in order to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy for a .tel domain. If you are concerned about the security of your personal data you can put a general web site link instead of it.

Text Header

This section allows you to publish a short text on the top of your .tel page. For example, you can enter a short description of your company. The maximum length of the text is 255 characters.

To start entering the text, click on the Edit button. Once you are ready, save the changes by clicking on the Save button.

Different profiles can have separate Text Headers.

Contact Information 

When you enter your .tel management panel for the first time, there are no contact details. Click on the Add button to enter the contact information.

In the Add new item area you should pick a type of communication (phone number, email, URL, fax, VoIP etc.) from the corresponding drop-down menu. Additionally, you can select the location for the contact information (for example select ‘Work’ for your business contact or ‘in transit’ while you are traveling).

Next you need to include a description of the contact in the Give this contact a Label text box. The exact contact value should be entered in the Enter the Value text box. If you disable the validation check, you can enter even incorrect values. Otherwise you should follow the standards for the chosen contact. For example the phone numbers must use international dialing codes and the allowed characters are numbers (e.g. a US number should be +1XXXXXXX, UK +44XXXXXXX).

One of the contact types is a Go to a .tel link, which can lead to each sub-folder in your .tel domain. The label and the location options are disabled for this contact type. You can also add a link to a different .tel. Add a full stop (“.”) after the .tel name to indicate that the link is outside this .tel and it is not relative to the current folder.

In the advanced options you can define whether the contact information is publicly accessible or select different groups of friends who will have access to your private data. Additionally, you can associate the contact data with the available profiles. Click on the Save button once you are ready.

All the entered contact details are displayed under the corresponding section. The visualized information depends on the Profile associated with it.

Once you enter a new line in the contact information list, you can perform different actions on it.

You need to select an item to perform an action on it. You can either add an item to the currently active profile or to all profiles. You can remove it from a single or from all profiles. You can delete the item, copy or move it.



In the Keywords section you can publish descriptive keywords which will help visitors easily find your .tel domain. This will increase your search engine ranking.

Click on the Get started button to add the first one. The others can be added using the Add button.

The Add Keywords box will appear.

There you can click on the different categories and enter the corresponding keywords. If you can not find a suitable category, enter them in the Free Text section. Click on the Save button to keep the newly-entered keywords. Please note that the keywords entered in the other tabs will not be stored. You can save the keywords only from the active tab. If you need to enter keywords in a different tab, you should select it, enter them there and click on the Save button. Fields can be skipped and reordered.

The keywords will be indexed by the leading web search engines. This will help you increase the visits on your .tel domain and to attract new customers for your business projects. Keywords are independent of profiles, but can be altered at different folder levels.


Folders functionality expands the navigation capability of your .tel domain. 

If you have a lot of contact points, you probably want to spread them on several pages. This will provide a better visibility of your contact details in mobile devices with small displays. In this case, you should use the Folders option to logically group the contact information – like business details, favorite links, social media sites, professional information and more. 

Technically, a folder is a sub-domain of your .tel domain. You can set a direct link to it.

NB: Information in sub-folders is always available to everyone and is independent of profiles. Private information is not supported in sub-folders.

To add a new folder, click on the Add button.

Enter the folder name. You can enter only letters, digits and hyphens in the subfolder name. A subfolder must contain at least one letter and its minimum length is 3 characters. The links to the folder in a browser will have initial capital letters and any hyphens will be converted to spaces. For example "my-bysiness" will be visualized as "My Business". Once you are ready click on the Save button.

The Dashboard will only show the first level of sub-folders. If you want to view a deeper folder level, click on the corresponding subfolder. The contact information under the subfolders can be managed in the same way as under the main fodler.

In order to delete a folder, hover the mouse over its name and click on the Delete link. By deleting a folder you will permanently remove all of its sub-folders, the contact details and the corresponding items. 


Probably you would like to show your office location to the visitors of your .tel domain. This can be completed through the Location functionality. 

Enter the address in the search field and click on the corresponding icon. The integrated Google Maps engine will visualize your location. You can Save it. 

The location will appear in your .tel page as a direct link to Google Maps.

The location information is publicly available. If you do not want to show your location, use the Delete button.

Location records are independent from the Profiles . Still they can be set for every sub-folder level.