Put .tel in a browser

Once you have populated your .tel contact information, you are ready to go live.You can open your .tel domain through your favorite browser:

You will see your publicly available data displayed on your .tel page.

The page is shown in a unified style for all .tel domains.

It is created automatically and cannot be personalized.

The information which you have entered in the Dashboard area will be visualized.

On the top of the page you will see the Text Header.

It will be shown as a bold text.

The Contact Information will be displayed under it.

Different parts of the contact information will be clickable based on the device which you use to open your .tel page.

For example, if you have published a number for an SMS, the link will be clickable through a mobile phone, but it will remain static on a computer web browser.

The next section includes the links to your folders. The actual links are preceded by the Go To label.

Hyphens are converted to spaces and the first letters in the links are capital.The location is displayed as a direct link to Google Maps.

It is followed by the Keywords list.NB: Sometimes the changes of your .tel details will not appear immediately on the corresponding page.

Since the .tel system is based entirely on the DNS functionality, it can take a while for your Contact Information modifications to propagate.

Mobile browser

When you access your .tel page from a browser on a mobile device, the system will recognize it.

Your .tel will be shown as a mobile-optimized version with no graphics.

The .tel developers provide additional tools for different mobile devices.

You can check them in the .tel developer area.


You can keep a copy of the contacts from a .tel page by clicking on the Download vCard link and store it as a new contact in the address book on your mobile or mail client.

NB: Different devices and applications use different vCard standards. Some contacts may not be exported into a vCard automatically.


The visitors on the .tel page are divided into two categories:

friends and visitors.

To share your private data with friends, you need to activate the TelFriends functionality.

The visitors can sign-up to the TelFriends system. Then they can log in your .tel and send a friend request.

You can define them as friends. The friends will be able to see the contact information which you have set as private.