How to Configure WordPress to Use Memcached Tutorial

Learn how to enable Memcached on your WordPress website

In order to use Memcached with your WordPress site, first you need to enable it from the SuperCacher tool in your cPanel. Follow the instructions in our tutorial on how to enable Memcached for WordPress in order to do that. Next, install our SuperCacher plugin for WordPress and go to the SuperCacher page in your admin panel.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Memcached Setting panel. It has a single ON/OFF toggle that enables and disables the Memcached service. If you notice an error saying "Please, first enable Memcached from your cPanel!" this means that you haven't enabled the service from your cPanel.

If the Memcached service is enabled correctly and you click on the toggle, it will turn to ON. Before this setting is enabled, the plugins makes checks if the service is running and if the plugin can use it to store frequently executed queries in it. This means that if the toggle is on the ON position, your WordPress site is utilizing Memcached and everything is working just fine.