How to Install SuperCacher on Magento

This tutorial explains how to install and configure our Magento SuperCacher extension. You can setup the extension directly from the Magento administrative dashboard. First you need to obtain the SuperCacher extension for Magento. Please check this tutorial for more details how to download the extension.

To access the administrative area of your Magento open this page:

Please note that you should replace with your own domain name. You should see the following login page:

Type your username and password and click on the "Login" button. The system will redirect you to the Dashboard which is used to manage your site.

WarningIf the Magento Compiler is enabled you have to disable it before installing the SuperCacher extension. To make sure that the Compiler is disabled go to System -> Tools -> Compilation and use the Disable button to stop the Compiler. Once the SuperCacher extension is installed you can enable the Compiler again.
The next step is to access the Magento Connect Manager which allows you to install new extensions. To do this go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager:

You will have to type your login details again and then you will see the following page:

Click on the "Browse..." button and find the SuperCacher installation archive on your computer. After that click "Upload" and the Magento application will install the extension:

For more details how to download the SuperCacher extension please read this tutorial. The last step is to enable the extension. Close the Magento Connect Manager and return to the administrative Dashboard. To enable the SuperCacher extension navigate to System -> Configuration -> SuperCacher Options. Use the following options:

That's it - the SuperCacher extension is now correctly installed and enabled. You can access your cPanel -> SuperCacher section and enable the Dynamic Cache caching mechanism. For more details how to activate the SuperCacher from your cPanel check this page of our tutorial.