How to Enable and Use HHVM

Learn how to start using HHVM on your SiteGround Cloud Hosting

In this tutorial we will show you how to enable and use HHVM for your website. Note, that at this point HHVM is available only on our customers, hosted on Dedicated servers with the Booster pack and the new Cloud hosting platform based on Linux containers.

To enable HHVM, you need to login to your cPanel and open the SuperCacher tool, located in the Advanced tab.

Once you do that, go to the HHVM tab.

Next, simply click on the ON/OFF toggle to enable HHVM for this hosting account.

Finally, you need to add the following to your .htaccess files in order to enable HHVM for those folders you want:

AddHandler fastcgi-script .php

That's it, all the scripts in that folder and the folders in it will use HHVM to compile php files.

Important!Note that if you disable HHVM and keep the rule in your .htaccess file this will cause errors on your website. To avoid this, always switch to one of our supported PHP versions before you disable HHVM.