SugarCRM Upgrade

This section will guide you how to upgrade your SugarCRM CE installation. We consider you already have a running application and you have decided to upgrade. Prior to upgrading you are strongly advised to backup all you files and database. Please refer to the SugarCRM backup section in this tutorial or ask our friendly Support team at SiteGround to do the backup for you.

In order to begin the upgrade process you would need to download the corresponding patch file from here. Then please log in your SugarCRM CE with the admin username and password. After that go to the Admin link in the upper right corner.

Next find the link to the Upgrade Wizard and click on it. 

Proceed with the System Check. At the next step you would have to upload the upgrade patch file you've downloaded recently.  Follow the steps listed in the Upgrade procedure. Proceed with the Preflight Checks. Then commit the script upgrade. At the end the successful upgrade will be confirmed.

After this go back to the Admin page (click on the Admin link). Then navigate and click on the Repair option which is in the right corner of the first table on the page. Run the Quick Repair and Rebuild action.

Well done! That's the end of the process and now your SugarCRM CE is upgraded.

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