SugarCRM Common Problems and Troubleshooting

The problems that occur most often are related to the SugarCRM upgrade and the custom modifications.

Usually, the update of a large SugarCRM web site with many integrated extensions needs more time to be completed and hits the shared server's timeouts. As a solution it can be copied to a separate server where custom configuration can be set. It can be finished there. Or the users can contact the technical support team of their hosting company for assistance.

The same applies when problems with the custom modifications or extensions' installations are faced. Alternatively, there is a big community associated with the project and help can be found in the supporting forum.

Sometimes the problems are connected to the files permissions and database issues. That's why it is important to upload files intact as they have been extracted.

Also, when upgrading make sure you follow the instructions from the manual. Trying manually to overwrite files may result in various errors. If this happens try again to use the mentioned upgrade package and see if you can follow the rest of the instructions.

If you end up with total mess and you are a SiteGround customer, don't hesitate to contact our Technical Support team. The least we can do is to restore your script on the server from latest available backup.

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