SugarCRM Installation

MySQL database setup and adding a user for SugarCRM

Before installing Sugar CE you need to create a MySQL database and add a user with all privileges to it. This can be done following the steps described in the MySQL Databases tutorial.

SugarCRM download and installation

Next proceed with the download of the latest stable package. Sugar CE can be downloaded freely from:

We are going to need the latest stable package listed at the top of the download page - Sugar Community Edition. There are also stack installers which contain Sugar CE and a full running version of the server needed. We won't consider this option because we are using the SiteGround's premium services which provide the necessary hosting solution.

Download the package on your local computer. Unzip the file and upload only the content inside the extracted folder to our web space at Siteground. This can be easily done with a local FTP client. You can either create a directory on the remote server (for example "SugarCRM") or directly upload all the files to your public_html folder. The second option should be considered when you would like to have SugarCRM as your main site.

Now we have uploaded the files and we go to the corresponding url - for example:

If you have followed correctly all the steps up to now you will be taken to a default welcome page. At the bottom of it you'll find a link to start the installation.

When we click the Next button, we are taken to an informational page where the installation procedure and the performed system checks are explained in details. Next, the License Acceptance will be printed. Select the I Accept check box at the bottom and proceed to the next step. A system check will run. It has to ensure the all files have the necessary permissions and the server is compatible with the installation. After this you will be prompted to pick whether to complete a Typical or a Custom install. The first option is recommended for new users and the addition settings can be activated after the end of the installation.

Next, select the MySQL database type.

The step that comes is the most important in the setup process. The database configuration should be specified:

If the MySQL server is located on the same server where the installation will be performed use localhost for Host Name. For Database Name,  Database Administrator Username and Database Admin Password enter the details which have been set in cPanel -> MySQL Databases.

If you prefer, you can select the Populate Database with Demo Data option to Yes. This would be useful if you want to explore a working system and you intend only to test the current installation. Otherwise it may confuse you because you would have to delete all the demo data later.

On the next page specify your administrator's username and password.

Click on Next and a page with the database and environment  settings and system credentials will be visualized.

Click on the Install button to complete the script installation.

Once it is finished you have the option to register the product or just to open the SugarCRM CE home page.

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