Basic and Advanced Push to Live

Learn more about the two options for pushing your site live

We have developed two options to push your staging copy to your live site. In this tutorial you find detailed information on how to use both ways for best results.

How to Access the Push to Live Options

After you're happy with the changes you've made to your staging copy, it's time to push them to your live site. To do this, click on the Push to Live button in your staging management page.

Once you do that, you will be asked to select one of the two possible ways to push the staging copy to your live site - the Easy Push and the Advanced Push:

Using the Easy Push

The Easy Push is exactly what it's says - with a single click you will overwrite your staging copy over your live site. In this process both the files and the database of the live site will be replaced with the ones from your staging copy.

In case you don't want to make a full push to live, you can use the Advanced Push functionality instead.

Using the Advanced Push

The Advanced Push will compare all changes you've made to the files and database of your staging copy. You can choose which of the changed files and tables you want to push to your live site.

The Advanced Push is suitable in many cases. For example, if your visitors have commented on some of your WordPress posts, you wouldn't want to overwrite your _comments table. This way of pushing your changes live gives you all the flexibility you need. You have control on every part of the copy that will be pushed to live. Here is a list of site elements you can select whether to be pushed to live or not:

  • Files and Folders - all modifications on the files and folders of your staging copy will be displayed so you can select what exactly to push to live;
  • Database Tables - if any database tables are modified you will be able to select whether to push those changes to the live site or not table by table;
  • Database Views - all changes in any views you have on the staging copy will be displayed so you can check only those you want on your live site;
  • Database Routines - if you have added/removed/updated any MySQL routines, you will be able whether you want those pushed to live;