How to Access the SiteGround Staging and Add Sites to It

Learn how to open the Staging tool and list your site in it

This tutorial explains how to access the SiteGround staging tool and how to list your site in it so you can create staging copies of it.

How to Access the SiteGround Staging Tool

SiteGround staging tool is accessible through your cPanel. As we currently offer the staging option for Joomla and WordPress only you will find shortcut to the tool in the two corresponding sections: - WordPress Tools and Joomla Tools:

How to Add Sites to the SiteGround Staging Tool

By default, all WordPress and Joomla installations made through any of the SiteGround autoinstallers will be listed in the tool. However, if you have installed Joomla or WordPress manually, you will have to add it to the Staging tool. To do this click on the Add Joomla or the Add WordPress button depending on the application you're using.

On the next screen, you will see a drop-down of all the domains, associated with your account. If you have installed your app in a subfolder, simply select the domain and type in the directory it's installed in. Finally,press the Add URL button to list this installation in the Staging tool.