How to Create a New GIT Repository

Learn how to create GIT repository with the SG-GIT interface

The first thing you should do with SG-GIT to start using GIT is to create a new repository for the site you want to manage with it.

Access SG-Git in cPanel

The first step is to create a new repository for your site/app that you want to manage through GIT. To do this login to your cPanel and click on the SG-Git tool icon that can be found in the Sitebuilding Software section.

The GIT interface has two main sections. The first section shows you the active GIT repositories that you have and the second section that we detect automatically applications installed through Softaculous, or our setup Wizard.

Create a repository of a detected application

Let's say that your main site is a WordPress and you also have several sub-domains that use other applications. To create a new GIT repository for your main site you need to click on the Create Git Repository button next to the main site:

The system will create the repository on the server. Please note that the system will need some time to create the GIT repository and you may need to wait up to 5-10 minutes. 

Warning The system will not allow you to create new GIT repositories if you're using more than 80% of your disk space or your inode quota.

Once the new repository is created you will see a new window with SSH connection details.

Note If you already have an SSH key generated for your account, the tool will not make a new one. You can simply use your existing keys.
Note Please, write down or remember the password for your key. Due to security reasons you won't be able to see it after this pop-up closes. If you forget the password for your key you'll have to create a new key from the SSH / Shell Access tool in your cPanel.

Add an application that was not detected automatically

If your site is not listed in the Websites, you can add it manually. To do this, first click on the Add New button in the bottom-right part of the page.

A pop-up will appear allowing to you to specify the folder where your application is located. Once you do that, simply press the Submit button.

That's it, your application has been added to the list of sites you can create a repository from.