Add Payment Methods in PrestaShop

How to Add Payment Methods in PrestaShop

With PrestaShop you are able to add different payment methods to your e-shop. In order to setup the payment methods of your website, you should login to your admin area and click on the Payment tab > Payment methods menu.

From this page you can install, uninstall and configure the available payment methods. Currently PrestaShop recommends you to use:

  • Stripe Official
  • Skrill Official
  • Amazon Pay
  • CloudSwipe
  • Cash on delivery

In case you want to use alternative payment method, click on the View all available payments solutions button on the bottom of the page. You would be redirected to a new page where you may choose the desired payment method. PrestaShop supports many payment solutions such as PayPal, BrainTree, HiPay, PayGreen, etc. so you may choose the most convenient payment method for you.