PostNuke Fantastico Installation

Important!SiteGround no longer provides Fantastico autoinstaller on it servers. The new installer now available is Softaculous. In extensive tests it proved to match our outstanding service quality standards better, by providing more applications, faster version updates and better support. You can read more about why SiteGround now uses Softaculous in our blog.

PostNuke is one of the most popular content management software, which you can install and use on your web site completely free of charge.

Installation with Fantastico

All you need to do in order to install Postnuke on your web site is to find the smiley icon of Fantastico De Luxe in your cPanel menu.

Check out the PostNuke Installation Video Tutorial.

PostNuke Installation Detailed Tutorial

Once inside the Fantastico Panel, find PostNuke in the tools listed there and follow the easy installation procedure.

Click on the New Installation link, enter the admin login credentials and the directory, in which the script should be installed. If you want the script to be installed in the main directory of your website (public_html directory), please leave the "Install in directory" field blank. Then the script will be accessible directly through your domain name. The rest of the options are not necessarily, so you can leave their fields blank.

Click on the [Install Post-Nuke] button and you will have the script installed on your web site.

In case you decide to make a manual installation of the script, please, read our next page where we explain how to install Postnuke on your hosting account without the help of the Fantastico tool.

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