Pligg Upgrade

The Pligg upgrade can be easily performed following these steps. You should make sure though that all steps are completed in order to successfully accomplish the upgrade.

  1. First and most important – create a full backup of your Pligg installation. Backup creation can be performed following the instructions provided in the Pligg Backup or Pligg Administration tutorial.

  2. If you have made modifications to one of the default templates - rename your template folder from any default names that might cause the data to be overwritten. If you have modified the template in the “wistie” directory it will be overwritten when upgrading.

  3. Disable all modules from the admin area.

  4. Delete all files and folders of the current installation except:

    • /templates/

    • /avatars/

    • /settings.php

    • /libs/dbconnect.php

    • /.htaccess

  5. Upload the new files under your account in the place of the old installation.

  6. Run the Pligg upgrade by visiting the following URL in your web browser:

    – where reflects the actual URL of your Pligg website.

  1. Log in as administrator. If your template is compatible with the new version do not make any changes in this point. For this purpose check your web site and verify everything is properly displayed. If the design is broken you can:

    • Update your template with a new version that will work with the upgraded Pligg installation (if such version is available for the template you are using).

    • Navigate to /admin/admin_config.php?page=Template and change the template name to “wistie”.

  2. Reactivate all modules you have used for your installation. Note that if you had previously used custom modules that are not present in a default installation they will need to be re-uploaded under the modules directory.

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