phpLive Icons

Change the icon for your phpLive chat system

At you will be able to find chat icons that you can use on your site.

In order to do that you have to save the icon that you want to use to appear on your page, when there is an operator online and the icon that will appear when all of them are offline

When you do that, go back to your setup administration page for your phplive application and click on the option called Chat Icons

Then click on the browse button for the state that you want to change the picture

Then browse to the folder that is containing your image

and as a final upload the image to phplive installation that you have on your account

The use of the chat icons is very flexible option in phplive, since the icons are regular picture files and there is no problem to use a picture that you want no matter file size or real size of the picture.

PHPLive is a paid application and you need to have a license before we can install it. PHPLive is a trademark of OSI Codes Inc. SiteGround is not affiliated with or endorsed by them.