phpBB2 Tutorial

NEW! We are happy to introduce to you our new phpBB 3 tutorial! SiteGround is proud to offer free phpBB 3 installation with its phpBB hosting package.

Note: phpBB2 is no longer supported by its developers. Therefore, this tutorial is outdated. We strongly recommend you to use the new version of the application phpBB3 for your websites. For more information on how to install and manage a phpBB3 forum on your website, please refer to our new phpBB3 tutorial. In the new version there are many security improvements as well many new features. Keeping your software up-to-date is very important in order to keep your website secured.If you already have a phpBB2 forum, you can convert it to phpBB3 by following the detailed instructions in our Converting from phpBB2 to phpBB3 tutorial.

This phpBB2 tutorial will help you learn how to manage your discussion board. Below you can have a look at the topics we have included.

How to use phpBB2 forum software