phpBB Fantastico Installation Tutorial

How to Install phpBB3 via Fantastico

There are several ways to install phpBB:

  • Automatically through Softaculous - In just a few mouse clicks you will have your forum website installed and configured, ready for you to begin building your forum. No technical knowledge is needed.
  • Manually - This method is preferred by advanced users who want to follow closely the installation process and make any customizations right away. If you would like to install phpBB manually, take a look at the section phpBB Manual Installation.
  • Automatically via Fantastico - SiteGround no longer provides Fantastico autoinstaller on the servers. The new installer now available is Softaculous. In extensive tests it has proven to match our outstanding service quality standards better, by providing more applications, faster version updates and better support. You can read more about why SiteGround now uses Softaculous in our blog. Still, if your hosting provider supports Fantastico you can follow the instructions published below.

phpBB Auto Installation via Fantastico

In this tutorial section you will learn how to install phpBB automatically via the Fantastico Autoinstaller.

To start the installation process, log in your cPanel, look for the smiling face icon of Fantastico and click on it.

Then select the phpBB link from the list of scripts that appears to the left:

A new page will be loaded with a short description of the software. You should locate the New Installation link and click on it:

Installation Location and Configuration

On the next page you will be prompted to choose the installation options. First you should choose the domain (sub-domain) name for which you would like the script installed. You can do so via the Install on domain drop-down menu.

Note that it is not imperative to have more than one domain name listed in the drop-down menu. This depends on whether you have or do not have any addon or sub-domain names added for your account.

The Install in directory box can be left empty in case you want to use phpBB3 for your home page (e.g. Note that you can have only one script installed under the same directory. This also applies to the web root directory for your domain name and you have to use different sub-directories for different scripts. You can specify a directory, e.g forum, in case you want to have your phpBB installed at an URL like:

The next thing you should do is choose the desired login details for your new phpBB forum. Under Admin access data you should add the desired administrator login details for the new forum.

The Base configuration options are self-explanatory. Additionally they can all be changed after the installation is completed. As soon as you have adjusted all details according to your needs, you can click on the Install phpBB button.

In case everything is in order a new page will be loaded with summarized information about the installation and the Finish installation button should be pressed.

Clicking the button will perform the actual installation. It is important not to interrupt this step in order to successfully complete the installation.

On the next page the forum URL and the URL to the administrative backend will be displayed as well as the administrative login details you have set.

It might be a good idea to bookmark the two pages.

With this step the automatic installation is completed.

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