MySQL Tutorial

How to Access and Manage your MySQL Database - phpMyAdmin

Now there are two ways to access and manage your newly created database. The first one is locally trough the Web based manager - phpMyAdmin, which is accessed trough the cPanel's "MySQL Databases" section. The phpMyAdmin link is at the bottom of the page.

A new page/tab of your browser will open and the phpMyAdmin will load there and looks like this:

With it, you can export (dump) one or more of your databases, import a dump file, change the collation of your databases and execute SQL queries.

The phpMyAdmin menu appears in a separate browser window. To return to cPanel, simply close that browser window.

Remote Connection

The second way to connect to your databases is remotely. To do so, you should add your IP address in the "Access Hosts" section in the MySQL page. For example if your address is you need to type it in the box and click on the "Add Host" button like shown in the image below:

As before, this will lead you to a page where the cPanel confirms the successful adding of the host. A group of hosts can also be added by using the "%" symbol. For example "" will include,,, etc. The second thing you need to connect to your database remotely is software that can do that. Almost all of the SQL management applications are capable of connecting to a remote database. Some of the most popular are: CuteSQL, myAdmin etc.

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