Remote MySQL Access Tutorial

Learn how to use the Remote MySQL tool in cPanel

You can access and manage the databases on your account from locations different than the hosting server. The list of hosts and IPs that are allowed to access the databases on your account remotely is managed from the Remote MySQL tool in cPanel.

Allow hosts access to the databases on your account

When you open the tool, you should add the IP that you would like to allow access to your databases from in the Host: field. If you would like to add a range you can do that by using a wildcard (%) character. For example, to allow access from all IPs starting with 1.2.3, enter 1.2.3.%.

Once ready, click the Add Host button to apply the change.

On the new page that opens you will see a confirmation message that the host was added successfully.

If you have a dynamic IP address which changes on a regular basis, you can allow remote access to your databases from all IP addresses. To do that, just add the wildcard character in the Access Hosts list as shown below:

Keep in mind that this is considered as a security vulnerability and is not recommended. Instead, you can allow the exact IP addresses or range you are using.

Revoke access to allowed hosts

To remove an allowed host from the allowed hosts list, click the Delete button next to the entry for it in the table at the bottom of the page.

A new page will open, on which you need to confirm the removal of the host via the Remove Access Host button.