Uploading Files

Uploading Files 

You may have existing content that you want to add to your course, such as web pages, audio files, video files, word documents, or flash animations. Any type of files that exists can be uploaded into your course and stored on the server. While your files are on the server you can move, rename, edit or delete them. All of this is achieved through the Front Page->Site Files link in your Administration menu.


The Files section looks like this:


This interface is only available to teachers - it is not accessible by students. Individual files are made available to students later (at "Add Resources" - see How to Create a Course).

The files are listed together with subdirectories. You can create any number of subdirectories to organize your files and move your files from one to the other.

Uploading files via the web is currently restricted to one file at a time. If you want to upload a lot of files at once (for example a whole web site), it can be a lot easier to use a zip program to compress them into a single file, upload the zip file and then unzip them again on the server (you will see an "unzip" link next to zip archives).

To preview any file you have uploaded just click on its name. Your web browser will take care of either displaying it or downloading it to your computer.

HTML and text files can be edited online. Other files will need to be edited on your local computer and uploaded again. If you upload a file with the same name as an existing file it will be overwritten.

If your content resides out on the web then you don't need to upload the files at all - you can link directly to them from inside the course.