Moodle upgrade

Please, follow the two steps, listed below, in order to upgrade the Moodle version of your e-learning website. 

Step 1: Create a backup of your Moodle files and the database

Please, check here how to create a backup of your Moodle Directory, the MySQL database and the uploaddata folder. Once having the Moodle backup on your local hard drive, you are ready to proceed with the actual Moodle upgrade.

Step 2: Moodle upgrade

Overwrite the files in the current Moodle directory with the ones of the latest stable version, then go to and follow the Next -> ...->Next -> Next procedure. It does not matter if you are logged in as an admin or not. Moodle will automatically detect the new version and perform all the database and the file-system upgrades that are necessary.

If there is anything it can not do by itself (very rare) then you will see error messages telling you what you need to do. Assuming all goes well (no error messages appear) then you can start using your new version of Moodle and enjoy the new features!

If you do not feel confident with the Moodle Upgrade, you can always request it from our Advanced Support Team by posting a ticket in the Exclusive Professional Services->Application Upgrade ticketing category.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or recommendations about this tutorial at: