Moodle Themes

Log in the Moodle administration

Now you can start building your site with Moodle. First, log in the Moodle admin panel. You can do that from your Moodle's site home page. Enter the Admin username and the password in the login form.

Now that you are logged in your Moodle admin panel, you can check the Site Administration section, which is available only for you and the site administrators. Students will not see these links.

How to install a new theme on your Moodle site?

Once you have your own theme created or you have downloaded a theme, you should follow these steps to install it on your site:

Step 1 Unzip the theme's archive in your local computer

Step 2 Upload the theme's folder

Upload the folder in the theme subdirectory which is located in your Moodle installation folder. If you have installed Moodle in your public_html/moodle folder then the theme subdirectory will also be located there. You can use FTP to upload the directory which contains the theme files to your account.

Step 3 Choose your new theme as default.

Choose your new theme from the Administration -> Appearance -> Themes -> Theme Selector. Click on the [Choose] button besides the theme.

Then press [Continue] and you will see the new theme on your web site.

Well done! You have successfully changed your Moodle theme!