Moodle Installation

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You do not need to download Moodle to your local computer. On your SiteGround Hosting account Moodle can be easily installed through the Fantastico software. In order to do this, please locate the Fantastico icon in the cPanel's home page.

Check out the Moodle installation video tutorial:

Moodle Installation Detailed Tutorial

Once logged into Fantastico, look for the Moodle link and click it.

Click on New Installation


Now choose the location of your Moodle installation - if you would like to have it as your main web site, leave the directory box blank. Otherwise enter the appropriate folder name. Next, fill in the administrator details and click on the [Install Moodle] button.  


Click on the confirmation [Finish Installation] button on the next page.



A confirmation notice regarding the successful installation will be shown on the third page. Well done! The Moodle installation is now completed.