Moodle Backup

How to create a backup copy of your Moodle website?

You can create backup of your Moodle installation in 3 easy steps. Let's say that your Moodle is installed in a subdirectory of your public_html folder called moodle. In this case your website will be accessible at:

Step 1: Copy the Moodle files on your local hard drive

In order to backup your files we recommend you to use FTP and copy them to your local PC. You will need to copy the Moodle directory located inside your public_html folder. If you're not sure which folders should be copied please copy the whole public_html. The Moodle directory is where the data for your online courses is stored.

The Moodle directory is where your Moodle system is installed - if you can access your Moodle courses at, then the path to the Moodle files is public_html/moodle. If you access Moodle at, then the Moodle directory is at the public_html folder.

Step 2: Create a backup of your database

The Moodle software stores the users' details and the Moodle settings data in a MySQL database, so you need to back it up too. Most Moodle upgrades will alter the database tables, adding or changing table fields. To create a backup copy of your database (or export it), please check the How to backup/restore your database? tutorial. Normally, the name of your Moodle database will be username_mdle1, where the username string is your hosting account username.

Step 3: Create a backup of the uploaddata folder

There is a folder, named uploaddata. Due to security reasons it is usually located in your root home folder. (Your home folder is the folder where you are logged in when you connect via FTP. There resides the public_html folder). You must download the uploaddata directory too, as it contains important information about your Moodle installation.Well done! You have successfully created a backup of your Moodle website!