Add Activity

To add a new activity, simply go to the week (or topic or section depending on the course format) where you want to add it. Please, click on the drop-down button to check the choices that you have. In Add Activity you have Assignment, Forum, Chat, Quiz and a couple of other options.


You can play with each of these activities to see how they work. Below you can find short descriptions of the Activity choices that you have. 

As an example, we chose Quiz. You will be automatically taken to the Quiz setting menu, where you can write a description of the Quiz and set your preferences and user permissions. After you press the [Save] and display button, you can add new questions of different types: Multiple Choice, True/False, Small Answers, etc.



Here you can find more information about the major types of Activities you can add: 

  • Assignment

An assignment is where you set a task with a due date and a maximum grade. Students will be able to upload one file to satisfy the requirements. The date they upload their files is recorded. Afterwards, you will have a single page on which you can view each file (and how late or early it is), and then record a grade and a comment. Half an hour after you grade any particular student, Moodle will automatically email that student a notification.

  • Chat

You can create a chat room where your students can share different opinions during live sessions.

  • Choice

A choice activity is very simple - you ask a question and specify a choice of responses. Students can make their choice, and you have a report screen where you can see the results. It can be used to gather research consent from your students, or just for quick polls or class votes.

  • Database

You can create a database and your students can enter content in it.

  • Forum

This module is by far the most important - here the discussion takes place. When you add a new forum, you are presented with a choice of different types - a simple single-topic discussion, a free-for-all general forum, or a one-discussion-thread-per-user.

  • Glossary

A glossary of keywords can be built by the teacher and the students can be allowed to edit the entries.

  • Lesson and SCORM

Through this activities you can add content to your courses. It will be delivered to the students according to their personal choice.

  • Quiz

This module allows you to design and set quiz tests, consisting of multiple choice, true-false, and short answer questions. These questions are kept in a categorised database, and can be used in other courses as well. Quizzes can allow multiple attempts. Each attempt is automatically marked, and the teacher can choose whether to give feedback or to show correct answers. This module includes grading facilities.

  • Survey

The survey module provides a number of predefined survey instruments that are useful in evaluating and understanding your class. They can be given to students early in the course as a diagnostic tool and at the end of the course as an evaluation tool.

  • Wiki

You can create an activity which will allow the students to work together on a defined project sharing their experience in a Wiki based structure.

  • Workshop

Like the Assignments, through this activity the content can be submitted by the students and evaluated by the teachers.

 After adding your activities you can move them up and down in your course layout by clicking on the little arrow icons next to each one. You can also delete them using the cross icon X, and re-edit them using the edit icon.