Introduction to MODx CMS and MODx Key Features

What is a Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) is an application through which you can easily create and manage dynamic web content. A CMS separates the different parts of a website (content, design, functionality) and thus allows for easier website management.

When using a CMS application, you can easily divide the responsibilities of managing different parts of your website to different people. For example, non-technical people can be responsible for the site's content, while more technical people can work on the site's design and functionality.

Most CMS applications have built-in tools which will take care of most tasks for you. This way changing your site's design or adding a blog, for example, can be done in a matter of minutes. And the best of all, managing a CMS can be done with little or no technical skills - it is that simple to use!

Key features in MODx that will make it suitable for your website

Nowadays there are dozens of CMS systems on the Internet. Here are the most important features of ModX:

  • ModX is FREE
  • ModX is easy to use
  • ModX is SEO optimized
  • ModX gives you the freedom to create your pages exactly the way you want them

All of these features make MODx a good option when you choose the CMS your website will use.

In addition, it doesn't place limits in front of you. Many CMS systems cut part of the HTML code you input and limit you to use basic WYSIWYG editors. With MODx you can type your code and it will be displayed exactly the way you wanted it.

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