Mambo Optimization Tutorial

How to Optimize Mambo

Here are some tips on how to improve the performance of your Mambo website:

  • Enable caching for Mambo. This will significantly improve the performance of your website. You can do that from the Global Configuration menu, the Cache tab, set Caching to Yes;
  • Disable/remove all Mambo extensions you are not using;
  • Reduce the number of articles on your front page;
  • Optimise your Mambo database by following the instructions in our article on How to optimize a MySQL database;
  • Check that you have not turned on statistics in your administrator backend. Mambo's statistics can cause heavy load on a busy site and should not be used on anything except low-traffic websites. For more information on that matter, follow our tutorial on How to disable the statistics extensions in Joomla 1.0.x;
  • If you are using a forum extension, make sure you require from your visitors to register prior searching and posting in your forum. In addition, you should install a CAPTCHA plugin or enable such core functionality if present in order to protect your board from spam bots;
  • Use the PhpMyAdmin tool to check for big tables in your Mambo database. You can then check which extension uses this table and remove it from your website

Usually, such issues are caused with old forum extensions that are attacked by spam bots. The tables that store the forum posts get filled with spam and become really big. This slows the entire performance of your website. Such tables should be deleted manually using the PhpMyAdmin tool. To delete a table mark the check box left to it and click on the red cross icon. Confirm the changes to permanently erase the table

Make sure you are deleting tables, created by extensions you have already uninstalled from the Mambo back end! If you delete any of the Mambo's core tables this will render your website to be inaccessible!

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