Mambo Templates

How to change Mambo Templates?

You can change the default template for the website. If you like a template that is not included in the installation package, you can add it following the instructions below. You can download one of our Free Mambo Templates to your local computer. Then you should go to the Installers menu in the Mambo administration area and choose the first item - Universal.

You will be prompted to locate the template source file.

Once you are ready, click Upload File and Install. Wait for the confirmation message to appear and then click Continue.

Go to the Template Manager in order to make the new template the default for your website. Navigate to Site->Template Manager->Site Templates

You should select the template you have just uploaded and click on the Default icon.

This is the website before (using the default template of the installation)...

... and this is how your website would look if you install the template we have used...

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